26 Comfort Foods You’ll Want to Eat All Winter

Chilly weather and comfort food go together like a cold hand in a cozy mitt. Slurpy soups, hearty stews, carb-filled pasta, lasagna blanketed with a thick duvet of stretchy mozzarella, decked-out poutine — comfort food can be anything a heart desires as long as it brings joy to tastebuds and bellies. And it’s even better when it’s shared.


Here are some comfort food favourites from Niagara’s locals for those days the temperature plummets and the only thing to make it better is some of the region’s most soul-warming fare.






Sweet Treats and Luncheon Meets — the Buffalo chicken mac n cheese or lasagna. I think I have now tried all 13 kinds.


— Ashley Summer




Tailgates Bar & Grill has the most amazing soup and sandwiches during their lunch feature.


— Stephanie Begin





A big comfort food of mine is pho and Big Daddy’s Pho is a favourite.


— Natalie Chow





Turkey dinner poutine from Grumpy Gramma’s food truck.


— Karen Clapp



For Pizza’s Sake in Welland. The absolute best hot subs. I haven’t tried the pizza — too busy enjoying the subs! It’s worth the trip.


— Diane Ferguson





St. Catharines



I miss home (Sault Ste. Marie) and homemade gnocchi, so I go to Valentino’s Italian Food Market for gnocchi to go. The best. They have great pasta specials every day on their hot table but I love their gnocchi.


— Francine James




The poutine from Ricki Jo’s and the cream cheese wontons from Lazy Lizard.


— Katelynn Miron



I’ve been in St. Catharines 32 years and bar none, Rosa’s Italian Market makes the best lasagna in Niagara.


— Diane Ferguson







Café Amoré. My favourite is the Poseidon, which is fettuccini and a garlic cream sauce with shrimp, clams, scallops and mussels. I get it changed up a bit and get them to make the rosé sauce.


— Debbie Barnier





The steak and gravy stuffed Yorkies from Mitchell’s Bakery. Two large for $7. One each plus a side is more than enough for a filling dinner.


— Krissy Selvig



Stuffed Yorkshire pudding from Feathery Pub. It’s so rich and decadent. It’s a hug from the inside.


— Shona Ross





Antipastos for their frozen lasagna.


— Cathy Thompson







Lake House Restaurant for short ribs and spaetzle.


— Sarah Warner Lannigan




Tay’s Treats for Moroccan chickpea stew! Amazing!


— Stephanie Reid




Niagara Falls



For sure the wicked Thai soup and Montreal smoked meat at Queen Bean Café Niagara Falls. The Thai soup sells out daily so you have to be there early to get it. The Montreal smoked meat is layers and layers of mouthwatering smoked meat smothered in white cheddar on a delicious marble rye. It’s so good I could eat the bread all by itself.


— Cher A. Van Ditelli




Soup from Country Fresh Donuts in the Falls is always a go-to for hot, wonderful wonton and hot and sour soups.


— Amy Ainslie Post



Mick and Angelo’s Kitchen and Bar is my go-to for wings. For me, they are the best! And we also love the nachos there. We’ve been going there since they opened so very long ago.


— Sunta Camilleri Nieuwesteeg




Magnolia Chinese Cuisine in the Falls — hot and sour soup, best ever! Warms your soul and leaves a tingle on your lips. So comforting that I sigh with pleasure. P.S. Their lunch specials are amazing.


— Patti Annes



Gabriele’s Catering has lots of comfort food items. Best mac and cheese ever.


— Joanne McRae and Kathleen Mann




For me it’s Red Ganache for hot chocolate and pastries or biscotti while touring the Winter Festival of Lights.


— Sue Mingle




Thorowest Bakery for breads, donuts, subs, pizza, frozen foods, soups.


— Joanna Gee



Betty’s Restaurant, Falls Manor, Blue Star or John’s Restaurant. Home-cooked, homemade comfort food.


— Carrie Magus-Cleland





Author: Tiffany Mayer

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