A Day in Niagara with: Marino Strachan, The Man Who Couldn’t Cook

Who: Marino Strachan, Blogger/Content Creator

Home city: St. Catharines



Marino Strachan is an actor/producer with more than 10 years of experience in film, theatre, and television. In 2019, he wrote, produced, and hosted the food show, “The Man Who Couldn’t Cook,” which is currently airing on Bell Fibe TV1, and in the Caribbeanm and United States on Tempo TV.


After the success of the show’s first season, Strachan was in talks with Bell Media to begin pre-production for a second season, but the pandemic hit and all that came to a halt. Feeling stuck and realizing he needed a reliable outlet to express his creativity, he took matters into his own hands and became a blogger and online content creator in 2020. Now Strachan creates content ranging from food to fashion on various social media platforms.



Essential breakfast spot to fuel your day?


Angel’s Diner in St. Catharines. I usually get the classic breakfast (eggs, bacon, toast and hash browns or fries). All of their breakfast options are great and they serve you a nice healthy portion. You definitely won’t leave there feeling hungry, that’s for sure.




Regular takeout spot?


Big Tuna in St. Catharines is my usual takeout spot. I mostly get their delicious pad Thai, or Japanese fried rice with chicken and an avocado sushi roll.



Where do you go for creative inspiration for your projects?


I love taking long drives through Niagara-on-The-Lake and by the falls for inspiration. It reminds of how beautiful the Niagara region is and also allows me to discover new food spots to try out and review.




If you were leading a food and drink tour through Niagara, what three places are essential stops?


If I were leading a food tour through Niagara, my three essential stops would be the iconic Flying Saucer Restaurant in Niagara Falls for the eccentric decor and extraterrestrial atmosphere, plus they have good burgers, too.




Then it would be East Izakaya or Wind in St. Catharines for all-you-can-eat sushi and drinks.
















And lastly, Country Fresh Donuts in Niagara Falls. Their apple fritters are amazing.





Favourite season for Niagara produce?


Summer is definitely my favourite season for Niagara produce. Especially for the peaches!




Favourite hidden or underrated gem for eating, drinking or shopping?


An underrated gem is Nigh’s Sweet Shop in Fort Erie. I feel like, because it’s so far off the beaten path, especially for tourists, not a lot of people who live outside of Fort Erie usually go there.





Author: Tiffany Mayer

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