Bottle shops changing the landscape for restaurants and VQA wineries

by Rick Vansickle – Wines in Niagara

It has the potential to be one of the most earth-shattering changes to one of the most antiquated alcohol retail system in the world — and this is not hyperbole.

Booze to go, in other words, the retailing of alcohol at restaurants and bars, was given the green light at the end of 2020 after allowing the practice as a temporary measure during the pandemic. Simply put, the Ontario government has made the selling of wine, beer, cider and spirits legal in restaurants and bars.

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Posting in a Facebook Group

From our Bite Size Social Media Advice video series for restaurants:

There is no way to get around using social media as your main marketing tool right now. Everyone is on their phone multiple times a day. Your business needs to be there! The good news is: it doesn’t cost anything! This video series is summarizing what we have learned over the last few years and months interacting and marketing on Facebook. What are some of the best ways to interact with your audience in a Facebook Group such as Restaurants of Niagara?

So you don’t like Social Media…

From our Bite Size Social Media Advice video series for restaurants:

Why spend money on marketing right now when you have thousands of people waiting to hear from you? Your business might have never been big on social media before Covid, but things are different now. You have to build a presents on social media or you barely exist in this new reality. the GOOD NEWS: It is NEVER too late! Start today and you will be pleasantly surprised. You will notice a difference, I guarantee it! The secret to success: consistency (which is also the hardest part 😉 )

Niagara-on-the-Lake establishment welcomes provincial move approving takeout booze

By Luke Edwards Reporter – The Standard

It’s Friday afternoon and it’s been a tough week. You don’t want to cook, and you don’t want to go out. But you do want a glass of wine with supper.

Before the pandemic, that might mean making a stop at your favourite restaurant, then remembering you don’t have any wine at home and driving to the LCBO, as your beef dip sandwich gets cold. But not anymore.

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#WheresTheFoodNiagara fundraiser for Community Care St. Catharines and Thorold

Restaurants offering gift certificates for donations to Community Care

A Niagara Facebook page that was created during the early stages of the worldwide pandemic to support local restaurants has shifted gears to raising funds for Community Care St. Catharines and Thorold.

Marcel Morgenstern came across a page back in March called ONRestaurants+ Burlington. The platform was created to allow residents to post questions about which restaurants were offering takeout when indoor and outdoor dining was shut down. It also allowed the restaurants to promote their business and share daily deals.

“I came across it and said we need something like that in Niagara,” Morgenstern said.

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