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What started as a small group of friends talking about where to get great takeout food during the first lockdown of Covid 19 has grown into a community of 70,000+ great people who believe in supporting local and sharing their experiences in a positive environment on social media. Our group is still growing and the role we play in managing it is still developing as we are witnessing what Building Community One Bite At A Time really means. We are excited to help you feature your restaurant, winery, brewery, distillery etc. in our social media channels and are working on a range of low cost/ high impact options for you to reach our members.

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Our focus has always been to generate referrals and not reviews. The strength and uniqueness of our local businesses is what makes Niagara so vibrant. Our members share our passion for local eats and drinks and they want to hear from you.

We would be happy to work with you to create a custom social media campaign in our groups to reach a very passionate and targeted group of highly engaged individuals and are able to show you a real measurable impact. Something that traditional media can unfortunately not deliver. Over 70,000+ people (and growing daily!) are waiting to hear from you and we would like to help you to effectively reach them.

Please contact us (insert link to contact page) to find out how we can help you reach our members, quickly, effectively and at very low costs.