The #1 Mistake Wine Lovers Make When Visiting Niagara Wine Country

When it comes to taking a break that helps you reconnect with nature, your senses, and those around you, there is nothing like a trip to wine country. But many wine lovers make a critical mistake when planning their visit to Niagara wine country. 


The number one mistake I see when people plan their visit to Niagara is that they pack too many tastings and appointments into one day.  


YES there are so many places to visit – both in terms of great wineries and in terms of great restaurants and sights to see. However, if you try to visit more than three or four wineries in a day, I think you miss out on the real magic of winery visits. 



If you truly want to take it all in, and get the most out of your experience, I recommend slowing it down.  


Perhaps the tasting appointment itself is only 30 or 60 minutes. But have you ever walked the vineyards, put your hands in the dirt, or had a chat with the staff or the winemaker? 


Planning your visit is the first key to a great wine country experience – and by using the directory to plan your itinerary for the day, you can avoid the mistake of trying to visit more than three or so wineries in one day.


Here are a few ideas to help you delve into the winery experience during your visit: 



Take some time before or after your tasting



Take time to walk around the land and make the connection between what you taste in the wines, and the place. What do you see? Where are you situated? What is the dirt like? How does it feel? 



Take the time to ask questions


Where did the idea for this winery come from? Who started it? What is the varietal they are most passionate about? What part of the harvest cycle are they in right now? 


Is the winemaker around? 


Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to ask! You might be surprised with a behind the scenes tour of what they are up to at the moment. 


Are there any animals you can say hi to?


Most wineries have lovable winery dogs, cats, goats, and so on.


My kids know the wineries by the animals that live there now, not by the name of the winery!




A visit to Niagara has something special for everyone – whether you are just looking to get away and discover something new, or you are a seasoned wine collector looking to hone your blind tasting skills.






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